Alumni DUes & Donations

Support DU through Your Alumni DUes

Since 1882, the alumni association has been an essential component of DU’s success and strength. Generations of alumni before us made annual payments so we could better enjoy our Cornell years. Today, we rely on brothers like you to fund CDUA’s important work, including:

  • Alumni events such as the Cornell Reunion reception and Homecoming Weekend
  • Alumni newsletter and e-newsletter DUpdates
  • Our new website
  •, the new home of our historical images and documents
  • Alumni-chapter leadership programs, including all-day retreats
  • Leadership and academic scholarships
  • Administrative expenses for insurance, accounting, and tax compliance

Your Alumni DUes of $100—just $50 for younger alumni—helps fund these important programs and activities.

Two Ways to Pay

  1. Online, using the form below

  2. Old Fashioned Way

Download and print a copy of the Alumni DUes form. Mail the completed form and your payment (either credit card or check) to Alumni Records Office, Cornell Delta Upsilon Association, PO Box 876, Ithaca, NY 14850.


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